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公司本著產品製造的規模化、專業化思路組建。瞄準國內外先進水平,不斷地實施技術改進、更新,積極引進先進技術,專業從事汽車起動機總成及其核心件——定子(永磁式、勵磁式)、轉子(直驅式、減速式)和電刷架總成的設計、製造和銷售,以電機配套為主。目前批量生產長安和昌河等微型、奧拓(ALTO)和雲雀(WOW)等微型轎車、金杯(JINBEI)和皮卡(PICK-UP truck)等中型汽車及五十鈴(ISUZU)係列車的起動機總成和零部件,近幾年在國外市場的開拓上也取得迅速發展。
ChengDu YuanWang Auto Electric Co., Ltd is located in cuqiao,chengdu,it’s a limited liability composed of essential employees who engage in the technology and manufacture of auto starter for years.
Our company is based on the idea of greatly specialized in manufacturing the products, taking aim at the international advanced level, continually improving and developing the technology, taking up with the advanced technology, specialized in design & manufacture & sales on auto starter and parts of starter(permanent- magnet/electro-magnet),rotor(slowdown style/direct drive)and electric brush frame. Our products are used in tens of automobiles factories and starter manufacturing companies.
At present, our company produce a great deal of starters and parts applied to minicars such as ChangHe,ChangAn,Alto,YunQue etc, medium cars such as JinBei,Pikup ect,and a series of ISUZU. We have also acquired a quick development on the overseas market in recent years.
The tenet of our company is” to manage honestly, creating highqulity.”We study and activitily advance the management mode of the lean production, according to the quality system of ISO/TS 16949:2002,we have established our quality assurance system and put it in practice.
The company maintains the business ideas of” the quality strives for the survival, reputation for market, innovation strives for development, management strives for effectiveness, so as to acquire a success in the profession. We will work for a good future of the auto industry.